Change Management Maturity Assessment

Change Management Maturity Assessments are a great way to check how
 your organisation is tracking on building change capability.

Focus Areas of Change Capability

Exceptional change management is more than just the skills and execution capability of the change and project delivery teams. It is alignment to organisational strategy, executive leadership actively sponsoring change and driving strategic outcomes and middle management and their teams being ready and able to adopt new ways working.

Focus Areas of Change Capability
Strategy Focus Area of Change Capability

Strategy & Leadership

Focusses on the components driven by leadership across the organisation, sponsorship capability across all senior levels of leadership and how change management principles and practices are integrated across organisational processes to enable strategic business outcomes.

Explore the Components of Strategy & Leadership.

Business Readiness Focus Area of Change Capability

Business Readiness & Adoption

Focusses on the components and capabilities middle managers and their people need to in place to be actively engaged in the design, delivery and adoption of new ways of work ultimately building the organisation’s overall resilience and capacity to dynamically manage change.

Explore of the Components of Business Readiness & Adoption.

Change Management Delivery Focus Area of Change Capability

Change Management Delivery

Focusses on a conversation beyond having a change management framework. It about the processes, structures, tools and technology across project, program and portfolio change management delivery, how change management principles and practices integrate project management and operational capabilities and how specialist change management needs to evolve to support the level of change management capability across the organisation.

Explore the Components of Change Management Delivery

You don’t need to move mountains to build change capability.

You do need to understand where you are and where the climb could take you.
So why not get the best view and a plan for the future- today!

How does your organisation's capability measure up?

The Peak Change™ Change Management Capability Model is designed to give you a view from the peak.
Explore key components that support your organisation to build sustainable change management capability.

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