Measures of Defined Change Capability

Exploring Business Readiness & Adoption Change Management Capability

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Measures of Defined Change Capability

Defined change management methodology and processes are put in place and are used consistently across business initiatives, projects, programs and the portfolio.

When Organisations meet defined change capability they have defined change management practices and processes across strategic change leadership, business readiness and change management delivery.

Business areas will have a view of upcoming changes and are actively working with project delivery teams to create sustainable change management approaches to support the new ways working.

The organisation is also investing in leadership development capability that embeds change management principles and practices into the way their people are developed and encourages a culture of coaching and innovation across the business.

Formal change agent networks have been established and are consistently leveraged across projects, programmes and portfolios as a means of effective business engagement and continuous improvement of change management principles and practices.

There is a defined change management knowledge area accessible across the organisation to support self-paced learning and encourage consistent change management principles and practices across different types, styles and sizes of business change initiatives.

Remember, Business Readiness & Adoption is one of the three focus areas of change management capability.

Strategy & Leadership

Explore the Strategy & Leadership Focus Area

Business Readiness & Adoption

Explore the Business Readiness & Adoption Focus Area

Change Management Delivery

Explore the Change Management Delivery Focus Area

Moving to the Next Change Management Maturity Level

It is not unusual for organisations to experience an imbalance with maturity across Strategy & Leadership, Business Readiness & Adoption and Change Management Delivery. We know that project change management capability is the easiest of the three change management capability focus areas to develop.

Once organisations have defined change management capability they often start to stagnate. This can be due to that fact they often invest heavily in their project management capability focussing on processes and governance, and miss key change management principles and practices that support the adoption of new ways of working; typically because they miss developing strong change leadership and investing in business readiness capability.

When creating your capability development plans, it’s important to consider tactics to support capability within your Strategy & Leadership and engaging your business areas not just project change management which is typically the more obvious of the tactics.

Effective Change Management Capability is supported by four key components—People, Process, Structure and Tools & Technology. These need to be present across all three focus areas of change maturity—Strategy & Leadership, Business Readiness & Adoption and Change Management Delivery.

At this point in the game, if your organisation doesn’t have a Change Management Office function, it’s time to set one up to support the growth of change management capability across the organisation.

Growing your Business Readiness & Adoption Capability

Business areas are actively involved and actively engaged in the shaping and adoption of new ways of working across the organisation. Managers have the skills to lead their teams through change and can view and track their specific change impacts across the portfolio.

Quality conversations underpin how the organisation communicates because change leaders understand that communication is a key factor that makes or breaks a change initiative. Development programs are founded in the concept of having quality conversations underpinned by neuroscience and industry leading coaching techniques. It also integrates planning, task management and delegation skills in the foundations of leadership.

Formal change agent networks are integrated into business forums and have connections into executive feedback cycles. These networks are a key aspect of business engagement across projects, programmes and portfolios and drive continuous improvement of change management principles and practices.

Opportunities to formally develop change management skills are formalised through professional development pathways, peer mentoring programs and supplemented by coaching support from change management practitioners.

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Change Management Capability Measures

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