The Structure Component of Business Readiness & Adoption

Exploring Business Readiness & Adoption and its components for success

Structure Component

The Structure Component looks at what is needed to support Process, and Tools & Technology components and their capability areas. It is about ensuring the availability of specialist change management resources and the integration of change management principles and practices into all levels of leaders’ job descriptions. The Structure Component also looks at ensuring there is appropriate budget for change management activities, that the change management methodology is tailored to the organisation and it considers different types, styles and sizes of organisational change initiatives.

Some things to think about in the Business Readiness & Adoption Focus Area…

  • Is the change management methodology agile enough to support different types, styles and sizes of business change initiatives?
  • Are there processes in place to allow for managers, supervisors and employees to be seconded to work on larger change initiatives and projects?
  • When large scale business engagement is required, has this been accounted for in the budgeting of change management activities? Is back-fill available?
  • Are change management principles and practices included in job descriptions for managers, supervisors and employees?

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How does your organisation's capability measure up?

The Peak Change™ Change Management Capability Model is designed to give you a view from the peak.
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