Measures of Managed Change Capability

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Measures of Managed Change Capability

Managed Change Management principles and practices are embedded in executive governance and there are accurate and consistent business readiness measures in place.

Very few organisations reach Managed Change Management Capability. It requires balanced capability development across each of the focus areas and their components of success.

The Change Management Office function is fully integrated with the Enterprise Portfolio Management and investment evaluation processes. Change Management Principles and Practices are completely integrated in project, programme and the portfolio methodology and ways of working.

Projects are designed with clearly defined vision of change and multi-disciplinary teams are involved in the development of the business case to ensure business impacts, key change management activities, resource and appropriate budgets are considered fully at the initial concept stage.

Project delivery teams are working with business areas to integrate their feedback and where required are adjusting plans to support effective adoption of new ways of working.

From a practitioner perspective you will be working with integrated change management principles and practices that are embedded within the organisation’s project delivery framework. Project delivery teams and change leaders are trained in change management principles and practices as a way of working in the organisation rather than it being a separate ‘thing’ to learn.

The Change Management Practitioner role has shifted into more of an influencing and coaching role to support business areas design and drive changes in their local areas. Change Agent Networks are working with senior leaders and executive to drive the change agenda and working with the Community of Practice to ensure change management principles and practices continue to improve and evolve to suit the organisations rate of change.

Remember that Change Management Delivery is only one the three focus areas of change management capability. It's important that organisations also have balanced capability across each the focus areas and their components of success.

Strategy & Leadership

Explore the Strategy & Leadership Focus Area

Business Readiness & Adoption

Explore the Business Readiness & Adoption Focus Area

Change Management Delivery

Explore the Change Management Delivery Focus Area

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Change Management Capability Measures

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