The People Component of Change Management Delivery

Exploring Change Management Delivery and its components for success

Large People Component

Specialist Change Management and Project Management Practitioners are typically where the change capability journey begins, and the People Component of Change Management Delivery Focus Area explores the change management skills and competency they need to support effective change management outcomes.

The People Component delves into:

  • Delivery of training to change and project management practitioners
  • Demonstration of change management competency by change and project management practitioners
  • Effectiveness of training in change management methodology
  • Availability of ongoing professional development in change management competency

Some things to think about in the Change Management Delivery Focus Area…

  • Is there change management training available for change management practitioners?
  • Is change management training contextualised for project management practitioners?
  • Does training for change management practitioners include project management fundamentals?
  • Has change management training been tailored to address organisational process and structures?
  • Is there a community of practice to support the ongoing professional development of change and project practitioners?
  • How is the performance and competency of change and project professionals assessed? Is this part of a structured professional development pathway?
  • Does the organisation have a structure professional development pathway aligned with professional body competency standards?
  • Is there a formal coaching and mentoring structure for change management practitioners to build capability with project management practitioners, and people across the organisation?

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