The Process Component of Change Management Delivery

Exploring Change Management Delivery and its components for success

Process Component of Change Capability Organisations

Process is often the “low hanging fruit” component of growing your change management maturity. There are a lot of resources and international best practice that can be leverages to get the ball rolling.

The Process Component is about creating:

  • A standard communication approach about changes in the organisation
  • A standard change management methodology
  • A standard way of measuring performance of change management activities
  • Alignment of change management with organisational strategy

Some things to think about in the Change Management Delivery Focus Area…

  • Do project communication approaches align with the organisational communication approach?
  • Do project communication activities leverage operational communication channels and approaches?
  • Is there are standard change management methodology used across all official projects? Does the methodology scale to support consistency of change management principles and practices across programs and the portfolio?
  • Do change management activities include the full scope of change management principles and practices or are they confined to communication and training activities?
  • Are there processes in place to identify and manage dependencies across different projects, programs and the portfolio?
  • Are there specific change management benefits and performance measure in the business case?
  • Are the processes in place to allow for frequent feedback loops that allow the iteration of change management activities?
  • Are change management principles and practices aligned with the project, programe and portfolio methodology?

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How does your organisation's capability measure up?

The Peak Change™ Change Management Capability Model is designed to give you a view from the peak.
Explore the key components that support your organisation to build sustainable change management capability.

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