Exploring Strategy & Leadership and its components for success

Active sponsorship is attributed as a key factor in successful change outcomes.

As organisations grow their change management capability this sponsorship evolves from the efforts of individual leaders and becomes integrated into core leadership capabilities.

We see the ways of working for the leadership and governance of the organisation include change management principles and practices.

And the change management measures become integrated into the leadership goal setting, benchmarking and strategic planning processes, as standard practice.

Leaders champion a culture of innovation that embraces learning from ‘failure’ and create a safe place for honest and accurate feedback. They give their organisation the ability to react and adapt. High maturity in the Strategic Change Leadership is demonstrated by Executive Governance and Boards guiding change across the organisation, and their ability to prioritise, recalibrate and adjust the change portfolio based on feedback from their customers and employees.

You don’t need to move mountains to build change capability.

You do need to understand where you are and where the climb could take you.
So why not get the best view and a plan for the future- today!

What does it take to be Change Capable?

Change Capability Measures

Explore the measures of change capability organisations

Focus Areas of Change Management Capability

Explore the Focus Areas of Change Management Capability

Components of Change Capable Organisations

Explore the Components of Change Capable Organisations

How does your organisation's capability measure up?

The Peak Change™ Change Management Capability Model is designed to give you a view from the peak.
Explore the key components that support your organisation to build sustainable change management capability.

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