The Tools & Technology Component of Strategy & Leadership

Exploring Strategy & Leadership and its components for success

Tools and Tech Component of Change Capability Organisations

Tools & Technology bring change management processes and structure to life. They’re also what makes change management principles and practices more tactical for your people.

The Tools & Technology components delves into:

  • change management tools and templates
  • knowledge management for change management principles and practices
  • tools that define change management measures
  • standard reporting mechanisms for change management activities and performance measures.

Some things to think about in the Strategy & Leadership Focus Area…

  • Is there an executive sponsor for change management tools and technology?
  • Does the change management toolkit align with the processes and supported by change management resources with the right skill level?
  • Is there budget assigned to support the continuous improvement of change management tools and technology?
  • Are change management performance measures integrated with the portfolio investment processes?
  • Are change management benefits assigned sponsors with the appropriate influence and authority to ensure they are realised?
  • Is the reporting framework aligned with executive governance reporting requirements?

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The Peak Change™ Change Management Capability Model is designed to give you a view from the peak.
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